• Overview
  • Memory
  • USB & Bluetooth®
  • Wrist Harness Point
  • Battery Door Release
  • Menu Soft Keys
  • Calibration Tile
  • Scratch Resistant Display
  • Red & Green LED
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • Central Measurement Point
  • Gauge Optics
  • Calibration Serial Number
  • Robust

USB & Bluetooth® Data Output

Transfer readings to PC, iPhone
or Android™ mobile devices via
USB or Bluetooth® for instant
reporting using ElcoMaster®


Store 40,000 date and time
stamped readings in up to
2,500 alpha numeric batches

Ambient Light Sensor

Internal ambient light detector
ensures screen visibility even in
bright sunlight

Wrist Harness Point

Prevent gauge damage

Red & Green LED

Bright dual red & green
LED highlights when
a reading is within or
outside pass fail limits

Scratch & Solvent Resistant Colour Display

Scratch & solvent resistant
colour LCD displays readings
and graphs

Integrated Calibration Tile

Each gloss tile comes with
automatic tile recognition*
(RFID) for automatic calibration
and gauge diagnostics

* Patent applied for

Central Measurement Point

Visible markings on each gauge
ensure precise positioning,
every time

Calibration Serial Number

Serial number and gloss values
are printed on the rear of the
holder - no need to remove the
gauge from the tile

Gauge Optics

The Elcometer 480
accurately and repeatedly

  • 20, 60 & 85° Gloss,
    % Reflectance & Haze
  • 1 reading per second
    for all angles in standard mode
  • 10 readings per second
    for all angles in scan mode


Designed for use in
harsh environments

Battery Door Release

2 x AA batteries provide
50,000+ readings.
Rechargeable batteries
can also be used