Calibration & Diagnostics

Each Elcometer 480 Glossmeter is supplied with a high gloss calibration tile to ensure measurement accuracy and repeatability.

Every Elcometer 480 Gloss Tile is fitted with an RFID (radio frequency identification) tag which allows automatic identification of the tile’s serial number and calibration data when the tile is attached to the base of the gauge. The integrated RFID technology ensures the gauge is calibrated correctly every time, without the need to manually enter calibration data.

Every time the gauge is switched on, with the calibration tile fitted, the gauge undertakes an internal diagnostics and performance routine. Electronics, optics and hardware performance are all tested to ensure that they are within specification. The calibration tile is also checked to ensure that it is not damaged or dirty. If everything is within specification, the gauge is ready to take readings. If the gauge is outside specification or the calibration tile is damaged or dirty, the gauge will inform the user accordingly.

Auto calibration and auto-diagnostics with RFID technology allows the gauge to automatically calibrate to any Elcometer glass tile. Additional calibration tiles are available from the range of Elcometer 480 accessories.

Calibration & Diagnostics Calibration & Diagnostics
Low Gloss Tile (22GU at 60°) Mid Gloss Tile (55GU at 60°)
Calibration & Diagnostics Calibration & Diagnostics
High Gloss Tile (97GU at 60°) Mirror Gloss Tile (1900GU at 20°)
Calibration & Diagnostics Calibration & Diagnostics